Vermont books have a special quality about them, and children's titles are no exception. These books written by authors local to the Green Mountain State showcase stories of love, life, and learning appropriate for all ages. 

Robert Frost

​​The poem that beings "Whose woods these are I think I know" surely holds a special place in American hearts. Robert Frost is a poet who could and did speak to everyone, but rarely more memorably than in this evocation of the quiet delights of winter. Award-winning illustrator Susan Jeffers brings the wintry woods to life with richly detailed, subtly colored art work. In her sweeping landscapes, she captures the patterns of bare branches against the sky and the silent fury of a snowstorm. Her kindly narrator exudes a childlike joy as he stops to appreciate the beauty of a snowy afternoon.

Grannie Snow

Grannie Snow has always dreamed of being an author, then the magic of grandchildren took hold. While huddled in her oversized recliner, surrounded by grandchildren intently listening to her read, she was inspired to take action and follow her dream. Bringing this book series to life seemed to be a perfect reflection of the unconditional love of grandchildren and pets.

Eileen Christlow

A resident Vermonter since 1981, Eileen Christlow's Five Little Monkeys just keep getting into mischief. Titles from this series include Five Little Monkeys "Jumping on the Bed," "Wash the Car," and "Play Hide and Seek." Toddlers and preschoolers alike will enjoy the monkeys' adventures in board book, activity book, or paperback formats!

Jerry Johnson

Noah’s Song is a beautifully illustrated children’s book. Jerry’s “Noah’s Song” poem was set to music by the talented and much-beloved Vermont singer, Jon Gailmor. A CD of Jon’s delightful musical rendition accompanies the book. Kids of all ages will be able sing along as they pass through the pages which are whimsically illustrated by the popular artist, Adrien “Yellow” Patenaude.

Kate Messner

Over the pond, the water is a mirror, reflecting the sky.

But under the pond is a hidden world of minnows darting, beavers diving, tadpoles growing. These and many other secrets are waiting to be discovered...over and under the pond.

Michael Tougias

Nationally acclaimed author Michael Tougias has owned a cabin in Vermont for the past three decades and has put all his passion for Vermont into this endearing boardbook. Good Night Vermont includes scenes of a traditional maple sugar shack, moose, dairy cows, mud season, mountain bikers, Lake Champlain, hikers and campers, rock climbers, acountry store, fly fishing, stone walls, autumn colors, covered bridges, skiers, snow shoers, snowmen, owls, woods and more. This is the great state of Vermont boiled down to its essence for babies and young children to enjoy with their families.

Tasha Tudor

Caldecott Award-winning illustrator Tasha Tudor was a fixture in Marlboro, Vermont for many years. One of her most famous books was Corgiville Fair, originally published in 1971. Ms. Tudor also published a variety of holiday titles encompassing Christmas, Easter, and Halloween.

John and Jennifer Churchman

The fifth book by the authors of the media sensation and instant New York Times bestseller The SheepOver, featuring a curious bunny and her baby farm animal friends solving an Easter mystery together.
Fern the bunny wakes up one morning to a surprise: the squirrels have discovered a beautifully decorated egg in their tree! And it's not just the squirrels--Mo the kitten, the goslings, the puppies, and even the lambs have all found special eggs hidden around the farm. As the baby animals follow clues from one egg to the next, Fern thinks she sees two soft, pointy ears peeking out above the grass. Then she notices a fluffy tail disappearing behind the barn. Then she spots long whiskers twitching among the flowers! Someone is watching, and the animal friends will have to solve their Easter mystery together to find out who.
With vividly evocative photo illustrations, John and Jennifer Churchman bring to life a delightful story based on real animals and events on their Vermont farm.