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Sam Brakeley presenting his latest book !
In 2015, Sam Brakeley stood at a crossroads in his life. His long-time girlfriend was moving to Utah, with or without him, and he was torn between following her or remaining in New England with family, friends, and the land he loved. So he set out to complete the Catamount Trail, a 330-mile cross-country ski trail that runs across Vermont from the Massachusetts border to Canada. He took advantage of his time in the woods to reach a decision―and brought Henry Knox along for the trip. In 1775, Knox undertook a winter journey of similar length, retrieving dozens of artillery pieces from the recently captured Fort Ticonderoga on Lake Champlain and dragging them 300 miles through snow and cold to Cambridge, Massachusetts, to help George Washington drive the entrenched British army from Boston. Knox, too, faced his own challenges in love, leaving behind a young pregnant wife. By exploring Knox's eighteenth-century physical and emotional journey while undertaking his own twenty-first-century trip on the Catamount Trail, Brakeley reminds us that history has many lessons to offer the living.
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Author Bio
Sam is the author of two books, Paddling the Northern Forest Canoe Trail and In the Wake of America's Hannibal with a third, Skiing with Henry Knox, due to be released in October 2019. He runs a trail construction and dry stone masonry business in the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire. When he's not building structures in the woods, he's playing in them and is an avid hiker, paddler and skier.
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Diana D. Dunn presenting her latest book ...
Follow along as Pipsqueak, a baby tree swallow, is rescued after a night alone. Working together, a young girl, a wildlife rescue center, and some unlikely friends help Pipsqueak return to where the bird belongs.
Pipsqueak’s Adventure is a true story entirely told in beautifully illustrated watercolor paintings. The reader is encouraged to tell the story in their own words and based on their own experiences. All ages will enjoy learning about Pipsqueak and remembering animals they may have helped along the way. Real photos are included at the end of the book.
Author Bio
Diana D. Dunn learned to draw at the age of 5 when her father helped her draw a Christmas tree ornament. She never stopped. Following a career in engineering, Diana explored watercolors and colored pencil, her illustrations took off and she was hired by the Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award Committee to illustrate the prominent author awards each year, since 2008.
Diana routinely uses binoculars to watch birds at the four birdhouses in her yard in Jericho, Vermont. When her family saw Pipsqueak was in trouble, they rushed to the baby bird’s rescue. Afterward, Diana grabbed her pencils and paper and the rest is history.
Diana spends time with her husband, two daughters, dog, and two cats. When she is not drawing, look for Diana outside in her garden, walking her dog, hiking in the mountains, skiing, kayaking or..... feeding the birds.
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Judith Henderson presenting her latest book and she will be giving away tote bags to customers that buy all three books!
Meet Oleander, who likes to keep busy, and her pet salamander, Sally Mander, who prefers to take it easy. As they go about their days in these five stories, they're visited by the Sprinkle Fairy (she's the owner of a word factory in Sicily) and her helpers, who've slipped a Big Word into each story. Which means, when Sally Mander is slacking off on her gardening duties, Oleander accuses her of procrastinating. And when Sally Mander loses a fight to a bird over a worm, she demands that the bird regurgitate the worm immediately. It's all fun with words --- BIG time!
This collection of quirky, bite-sized stories is part of a clever series of highly original early readers by Judith Henderson. The text is dialogue driven, broken up into small bits, and accompanied by T. L. McBeth's small, simple and humor-filled spot illustrations, making it just right for emerging readers. These books are also terrific tools for expanding budding vocabularies, with the pronunciation and definition included for each of the five multisyllabic Big Words. Children will be trying them out in no time!
Previous books by Judith Henderson
Author Bio
 JUDITH HENDERSON is a writer, Emmy Award-winning Children's TV composer, producer and illustrator.

She started in advertising as a copywriter and wrote music for all her campaigns; over 600 jingles. Then Judith moved permanently into TV composition. She pitched and won the theme song for the show ARTHUR, and has composed for many other shows as well.
Judith is the author of Big Words Small Stories - a three book series with KIDS CAN PRESS. The first book, THE MISSING DONUT was launched in the fall of 2018. The other two, THE TRAVELING DUSTBALL and SMELL THE DAISIES are coming out in the Spring and fall of 2019. They were illustrated by T.L Mcbeth. Judith has two other new book deals with Kids Can Press. Keep your eye out!

Big Words Small Stories was recently green-lit as a new animated TV show.   
She loves to play tennis, and her custom ukulele, draw, write, and eat.  She has helicopter skied to the horror of her mom. She will show you pictures of this upon simple request.